Dash ADU Plans


A minimal freestanding backyard studio.



Area:198 square feet

The Dash is intended for an individual and is calibrated to be a self-contained home, guest house or extra space. It has been thoughtfully designed to maximize sleeping and living space without taking up your entire backyard.

Exterior: The 198 square foot home with 180 square foot veranda space can be oriented to accommodate diverse lots and is constructed using standard materials and construction techniques that can be easily adapted.
The overall form is a stucco (or fiber cement siding) base surrounded by a timber frame supporting the eco-roof. Sitting above the eco-roof is a metal gable wall and roof with a 12/12 roof pitch.
Interior: A compact studio space with a full kitchen and bathroom. Accessible by ladder, the mechanical space above the kitchen and bathroom could be permitted to include a sleeping loft. The entry door and a patio slider open onto a 5’ veranda on two sides allowing four season outdoor experience of this space.
● Design for wood screen privacy panels between veranda posts.
● The small footprint ADU is designed with a slab on grade or stem wall design to
allow for flexibility on sloped sites.
● Sleeping loft.

What’s included:
●This “Study Set” is intended for early phases of project planning and includes:
– Floor plans.
– Exterior elevations
– Selected building section
– Roof, wall, and floor assembly information.
●PDF plans and elevations for use as preliminary design drawings (1-2 business days)
●Runner Design can provide construction drawings for an additional fee.
●Customization: One-hour consultation included to develop estimate for changes.
●Purchase allows for a one-time license to use the documents to construct.



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